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SGA Group provides a comprehensive range of transportation solutions, including top-of-the-line tippers and low loaders designed to handle bulk materials effortlessly. Our tippers are meticulously crafted to endure heavy-duty usage while offering advanced features that enhance productivity and safety. Whether you’re transporting aggregates, construction materials, or waste, our tippers ensure reliable and efficient hauling every time. With a focus on durability and performance, our tippers are the preferred choice for various industries seeking exceptional transportation capabilities. Trust SGA Group to deliver the highest standards in reliable and efficient bulk material transportation solutions.

Low Loaders

Our Low Loader services are ideal for the transportation of smaller cargo or equipment requiring a lower clearance height. Our low loaders are suitable for transporting lesser construction equipment, earthmoving equipment, and agricultural machinery. Our skilled chauffeurs are trained to transport your equipment safely and efficiently, minimising the risk of damage and disruption.

Side Tipper

When it comes to transporting bulk goods, our side tippers provide the perfect solution. SGA Group offers a range of side tippers that are designed for maximum loading capacity, quick unloading, and excellent maneuverability. Our side tippers are built to handle various materials, including sand, gravel, coal, and more, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of industries.

Chip Spreader

Our chip spreaders are specially designed for precise and uniform application of aggregates or chips on road surfaces, ensuring optimal coverage and long-lasting results. With advanced technology and user-friendly controls, our chip spreaders offer superior performance and are an essential asset for road construction and maintenance projects.

Live Bottom Trailer

SGA Group offers top-quality live bottom trailers designed for efficient and controlled discharge of bulk materials. Our live bottom trailers feature a unique conveyor belt system that ensures a continuous flow of materials, reducing the risk of clogs and allowing for precise unloading. Whether you need to transport asphalt, grains, or other granular materials, our live bottom trailers provide a reliable solution for your hauling needs. With innovative design and durable construction, our live bottom trailers deliver exceptional performance and ease of operation.

End Tipper

Our end tippers are engineered with precision and durability in mind, ensuring efficient loading and unloading operations. With a hydraulic lifting system and a rear-end discharge mechanism, our end tippers enable quick and controlled dumping of various materials such as aggregates, soil, and construction waste. Built to withstand heavy-duty usage, our end tippers are the ideal choice for industries requiring reliable and cost-effective solutions for their hauling needs.


Our expertise lies in ensuring secure containment and regulatory compliance for transporting bituminous products. Backed by experienced drivers and a state-of-the-art fleet, we prioritize safety, reliability, and timely delivery. When it comes to tanker transport services, SGA Group is the trusted choice for meeting stringent industry standards.

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