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SGA is an established business within the WA market and has proven success in providing excellent service and equipment to the road construction, mining, and airport industries.

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SGA specializes in,

  • Asphalt Laying
  • Transport 
  • Airport Runway Grooving
  • Line Marking
  • Project Management
  • Plant & Equipment
  • Labour Hire 
  • Mechanical Servicing

We can help large and small scale construction contractors on a national level.

Our airport projects are delivered under Safety Grooving Australia.
Our road and infrastructure services are offered under SGA Roads.

We are an established business and have proven success in providing excellent service and equipment to the roads industry. We proudly offer the flexibility to adapt to clients’ individual requirements whilst consistently meeting expectations in service and product reliability.

How we can help

SGA offers a plethora of different services ranging from Laying Asphalt all over WA to Grooving airport runways nationally and international. We are focused on providing the highest quality customer service no matter what job/project you require.


Asphalt Laying




Runway grooving


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did a great job, very professional

“Did a great job, very professional”

Benito Crago

Very professional

Did a great job, very professional

Benito Crago

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