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Runway Grooving

SGA specialises in the grooving of airport runways and pavements.

Safety Grooving Equipment

Our grooving equipment can be quickly mobilised to our client’s location Australia wide (and now internationally) to deliver largescale runway grooving projects down to smaller grooving works.

Our grooving machines are custom built specifically for pavement grooving with optimum performance 1m wide cutting heads. Each machine is fitted with a state-of-the-art vacuum system to ensure the cleanest, most FOD free runway at the end of every shift which eliminates the need for mechanical brooms and extended post grooving clean-up. Our operation is supported by mobile water tankers, mobile vacuum slurry tank units and as much ancillary plant/ equipment (including lighting) as the project requires. This allows us to meet our customers’ needs and adapt to each project, day or night.

All our machinery and equipment is maintained on a daily basis during contracts, ensuring onsite reliability and piece of mind for our customer. Our team pride themselves on their workmanship and finished product.

Our Team

Our team are highly skilled, trusted and experienced and have worked on airports around the country. Our specialists are trained and competent in the tasks they undertake and have up to date ASIC cards and police clearances which allows for quick mobilisation to any project which requires strict background checks.

Slurry Management System

We also offer an onsite slurry management system allowing for the recycling of the water used in the grooving process.



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